SNAPPED UP is an idea born out
of the freedom to express
creativity beyond the means of
conventional image beliefs.

FRESH, DYNAMIC and filled with
 CREATIVE IDEAS to deliver
professionalism to your brand
by means of stunning image
and visual marketing content
via. photography and graphics
that are intriguing, conceptual,
vivid and exceptional.

SNAPPED UP expresses EXTRAORDINARY skills in lifestyle snaps for individual or family portraits, including capturing MEMORABLE lifetime events such as engagement and wedding photography. 

Akhil Bhimjee is the founder and creative director of SNAPPED UP (Pty) Ltd. 
Since taking snaps with his first authentic Pentax film camera at the age of 11, capturing his sister's childhood memories, his love for photography had evolved...
With a strong interest in perfecting jewellery photography at his day job during 2012 to 2014, it raised much curiosity to gather professional knowledge in the field and to study the craft further, gaining eight certificates from the College of Digital Photography in South Africa between 2015 and 2017. During that time period, awards were won from creative images submitted on international photography platforms. He has recently been under the wing of a famous South African photographer and Nikon Global Ambassador, Brett Florens, where he has successfully completed a Wedding Masterclass in 2018, gathering an abundance of in field knowledge and experience. As you can tell, Akhil holds extreme passion and love for his craft, along with a strong foundation in Commercial, Event and Portrait photography, together with vast experience photographing for corporate companies, including government organisations in Johannesburg. 
Akhil would love to meet you to discuss your requirements and capture your desired images with style!

Vinesh Kara is the head associate photographer at SNAPPED UP (Pty) Ltd. 
Being a qualified engineer, he has outstanding technical skills and developed great inventions in the field of engineering for major corporate South African and International mining companies such as De Beers and Anglo American. His passion for the craft began as a hobby to create stunning landscape photographs. Along with artistic skills and love for photography, he has also gained skills and experience from leading photographers including certificates. Being under the wing of Xavier, a famous international photographer, he has gained immense knowledge and experience in Portrait, Engagement and Wedding Photography. He loves to snap up events in a photo-journalistic style. Vinesh's passion for the craft has also led him to win accolades from Nikon South Africa in 2018, where his famous photographs are displayed at the Nikon gallery in Pretoria. He has also been awarded Photographer of the year for 2018 along with additional achievements at the Alberton Camera Club in Johannesburg, where he has been a long term member.
Vinesh would love to meet you too and capture your desired images with finesse!
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